Luke was born in Ripon, Quebec, and raised in rural Prince Edward Island, Having envisioned a path in health and musical arts from a young age, he set about melding and moulding these two unique proficiencies as a young child and teenager.

His journey into healing arts began early. Walking on his parents’ backs regularly, he helped manage their aches and pains. As a teenager, he shared foot and shoulder massages with those near and dear. Experiencing his gift for healing touch, family and friends encouraged Luke to pursue professional training for Massage.

Through more than 2 decades of practice, Luke has attended numerous workshops, courses, seminars and learning initiatives. Additionally he has received bodywork regularly. Both of these learning approaches, as well as his art as a musician, singer and songwriter, continue to inspire and inform his practice of massage therapy. In addition to his massage training, Luke has studied Traditional Thai Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Shiatsu, Therapeutic Touch, Passive Stretch Massage, Visceral Manipulation, Hot Stone Massage, and Tibetan Accupressure Massage.