Music has been a precious healer of Luke’s heart ever since he remembers breaking out the moves to Jimmy Cliff reggae beats as a young child. He received his first guitar at 8 years of age, and took lessons for a short time without much progress. Four years later Luke began an intense 3 year period of guitar lessons, honing his craft as an understudy to Mike Page, a well respected guitarist and songwriter in Prince Edward Island. At 15 years of age Luke began writing songs of his own. Since then his technique has truly blossomed.

He is now a well-rounded and experienced singer and musician, proficient with guitar, bass, banjo and harmonica. HIs gift for majestic finger picking complements his melodic and lilting vocals to create a truly magical listening experience. He has performed at numerous open mics and live venues over the years, and particularly enjoys sharing the gift of live music in seniors homes to help the transition to dependance become more tolerable for the aging.

Luke’s deep love of music inspires and informs his professional massage therapy practice and larger life in general. In order to mobilize the healing capacity of music, Luke has recently launched his musical endeavours under the banner Songbird Music. ┬áTo be notified of Luke’s upcoming shows or if you would like to book a house concert or live show for a seniors’ residence, contact Luke at


At the Feet of Giants

At the Feet of Giants is a collection of cover tracks (and one of Luke’s original tracks, ‘My New Attitude’). by artists who have offered Luke great inspiration and joy on his journey of music and life. He chose to cover these songs with a personal interpretative twist.

‘Gale Song’ by Lumineers, ‘Under African Skies’ by Paul Simon, ‘The Park’ by Feist, ‘Weighty Ghost’ by Wintersleep, ‘Family’ by Dar Williams, ‘Littlest Birds’ by The Be Good Tanyas, ‘In the Road’ by Sarah Harmer, ‘Firedoor’ by Ani Difranco, ‘I Will Follow You Into the Dark’ by Death Cab for Cutie, ‘Lay Me Down Sweet Jesus’ by Justin Rutledge, ‘Helpless’ by Neil Young, ‘Hallelujah’ by Leonard Cohen, ‘My New Attitude’ by Luke Koleszar-Green. Updates to match this song list are coming shortly!

Rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, percussion, vocals, mixing and mastering by Luke Koleszar-Green. Special thanks to Sonia D’Cunha for vocals on ‘The Park’ and ‘I Will Follow You Into the Dark’.


Grandmother Child

Grandmother Child is an album of Luke’s original songs recorded in 2001. The title track is dedicated to the memory of Helen Lazier.

Rhythm guitar and Vocals by Luke Koleszar-Green. Vocals on ‘I Am Not Here’ and ‘Mountains and Oceans’ by Jen Woodill. Lead guitar, bass, keys, mixing and mastering by Gad Foltys.