luke pictureMusic has been a precious healer of my heart ever since I remember breaking out the moves to Jimmy Cliff reggae riffs in my diaper. I received my first guitar at 8 years of age, and took lessons for a short time without much progress. Four years later I began an intense 3 year period of guitar lessons, honing my craft as an understudy to Mike Page, a well respected guitarist and songwriter in the P.E.I. music scene. At 15 years of age I began writing songs of my own. Since then my technique has truly blossomed, as I now consider myself a well-rounded and experienced musician. My melodic finger picking and strumming are complemented perfectly by my majestic and lilting vocals, creating goose bumps for most all who hear. Over the years I have added bass, banjo, mandolin and harmonica to my repertoire of instruments. My deep love of music inspires and informs my professional massage therapy practice, as well as the rest of my life.


At the Feet of Giants

At the Feet of Giants is a collection of 12 cover tracks; songs that have inspired him over the past couple of years in musical journey. Artists include: Ani DiFranco, Be Good Tanyas, Sarah Harmer, Death Cab for Cutie, Justin Rutledge, Paul Simon, Neil Young, Wintersleep, Feist, Jory Nash, Dar Williams and Leonard Cohen.


Grandmother Child

Dedicated to the memory of Helen Lazier, his grandmother.